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Renush Leather Accessories

I am a graduate of the London College of Fashion in Footwear and Accessories Design and Product Development.


During my college years I got interested in the traditional technique of moulding, which combined with vegetable tan leather provides endless possibilities for manipulating and sculpting the hide into different shapes. This marriage of technique and material inspired me to begin my career as a designer and maker.

Vegetable tanned leather is free of chemicals and toxins. The vegetable tanning process uses plant-based tanning and not chrome tanning which is very harmful for the environment.

I'm passionate about sustainability and take a zero-waste approach to my raw materials. I use every bit of the leather hide. In creating my pieces, I am always left with offcuts but by using recycled leather salvaged from these offcuts from my other designs I am giving new life to material that would otherwise not used.

My products are various types of bags corsets, corset belts, leather jewellery, earrings, tech accessories and dog accessories. I always trying to stay original. I design and make items which I would wear or use myself.

I source my material from the UK, and all production is local - everything is made by me in my studio in Brighton.

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