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Personalized Cable tidy for chargers

Personalized Cable tidy for chargers


Bigger sized Personalized leather cable holder now for phone chargers and computer cords/cables. Please see the images for sizes. You can put 2 or 3 cables in 1 cable holder.  Easily fit into any size of bag. Great for traveling as you always need your phone charger with you.

Hand made with high quality vegetable tanned leather which is  free from chemicals and chrome.
Please see small cable cable tidy image for the colours.

Size :8cm x6cm 3.15x 2.36inch

Personalized Initial for your leather item.
Embossed initial:
- up to 10 letters (letter size 4mm)
- all capital letters only
Keep your cable, charger and  USP cable under control.
Simply slide the cord through the two holes and onto the hold, wrap the cord around three fingers, place the bundle in the holder.

  • Production and shipping

    Shipping  1 to 2 business days.  Please see shipping and delivery section for more details.

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